OiNK Replacement Site To Launch, Inevitably Disappoint Users Next Week

Oct 26th, 2007 // 7 Comments

boink.jpgHey, all you kids who are still wiping the tears from your eyes over Oink’s demise–as predicted, another torrent site has risen from the ashes and will try to make your sense of entitlement grow all over again. It’s called Boink (apparently it’ll be at boink.cd), it’ll be hosted by BitTerrorist haven The Pirate Bay, and it’ll launch sometime next week, albeit with a list of records that’s much smaller than Oink’s. It’ll even have the insufferable pink cuteness about it, judging by the photo above, but–

Oh no–it won’t be invite-only and super-duper secret! Will the promise of a “new Oink” be sullied by said new site’s open gates? Let’s ask the denizens of TorrentFreak what they think!

It wont be OiNK. There will just be hoards of transcoded, non-seeded, mislabled, shit uploaded. This is why OiNK existed, as a reliable source of good quality music, which ‘BOiNK’ won’t be.

BOiNK will be nothing like OiNK, except maybe in looks.

OiNK was what it was because it was an invite only site with lots of rules, even though it was fairly easy to get an invite.

high likelyhood of this ex-OiNKer not uploading anything there.

Who? What is the benefit of reporting a transcode? Some other knob is going to come along in 15 seconds and upload it again anyway. You won’t be able to stop anyone uploading shit, cos there is no threat of getting banned and the shit-storm will continue. And if it is public that means any form of ratio-type monitoring system is worthless. Therefore there will be just as many seeds as on any other public tracker, which is fuck-all for obscure/little-known music, which is was OiNK thrived in.

Any ‘real’ Oinker wont use this. Its just going to be Pirate Bay II. Most who care have already joined another private site. If anything this tarnishes OiNKs name.

As much as I loved it, you have to accept OiNK is dead. Get over it everyone. Go somewhere else for your music. We didn’t try and resurrect Lennon did we?

And that’s only from the first 20 comments! God, I love the Internet.

The Pirate Bay To Bring Back OiNK [TorrentFreak]


  1. Nicolars

    I can smell the stench of bacon grease from here.

  2. King of Pants

    “We didn’t try and resurrect Lennon did we?”

    The delightful cherry of this self-absorbed, beyond-narcissistic, don’t-know-whether-to-laugh-or-cry sundae of schadenfreude.

  3. mackro


  4. Anonymous

    What happened to “this is the last time we’ll talk about OiNK?”

    You guys hold a grudge and whine just as much as those moronically entitled ex-OiNKers do.

    One would think OiNK insulted a loved one’s honor. Oh wait! They just banned your account.

    That seems to be an equally heinous offense in the world of music blogging.

  5. Maura Johnston

    I know it’s hard to read–and remember!–full sentences in these attention-span-deprived times, but what yesterday’s post actually said was “This will be Idolator’s last OiNK-related post unless some actual news drops.”

  6. nerdsausage is a busysausage

    I’m a little mystified about all the complaints about OiNK and its “colossally entitled” user base. Speaking as someone who was somewhere between a casual and serious user of the site, I really liked its combination of depth with constraint. Once you get past the fact that what they were doing was illegal at best, and outright immoral and unethical at worst, OiNK did its job admirably: it hooked a lot of people up with high-quality rips of a staggering variety of music. Not to mention that, almost without fail, the users of the site were nicer and politer to interact with than on any other high-profile user-moderated site out there. The rules encouraged — almost demanded — it.

    I think the people pointing out that Boink can’t possibly be OiNK (without OiNK’s stringent rules) are right, and more’s the pity. It combined quality and depth, and while using it was illegal, it wasn’t always unethical. I have CDs that are still in the shrink wrap because the quality of the rips I got from OiNK were more than good enough, but I paid the full face value for them nonetheless.

  7. Anonymous

    Leaving aside the “morality” question, the concern over whether a reborn OiNK would be “invite-only and super-duper secret” is – or should be – a practical one; it isn’t elitism for its own sake. After all, the site wasn’t exactly exclusive: with the stats showing approximately 180,000 members, there were and are many torrent trackers that are far smaller. As a former member of the site, I didn’t care how many people joined as long as the quality standards were maintained, and OiNK’s moderators were excellent at keeping bad rips and transcodes from staying on the tracker for any significant length of time. For the sheer number of uploads they had to police daily, they did a hell of a job at keeping up the integrity of the site.

    What I will miss most of all is that combination: size and relative security. There are many trackers serving niche communities that do a better job in their areas of focus than OiNK ever did, but only OiNK offered the huge variety that approached that of an archive rather than just a day-to-day selection, while maintaining the strict moderation that is only possible on a private tracker. Any site that aspires to “replace” OiNK will have to be private, and it will have to grow its userbase organically – suspicious ex-OiNKers won’t put their trust in it immediately, and those new to torrent communities will as always need time to learn how to maintain a good ratio and, if they want to upload, produce quality rips. The message board comments you quote above are, in large part, histrionic and overstated; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t fundamental truth underlying them. Any “replacement” for OiNK will take time to develop, and longtime OiNKers are right to be suspicious of the many sites representing themselves as a quick fix.

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