Unklejam Walk Down A Hallway And Wind Up In One Of The Year’s Most Neon-Bright Videos

Oct 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

If there’s one music video technique that I’m a total sucker for, it’s the one where the whole thing looks like it was recorded in one fell swoop of the camera (and sometimes was). Unklejam’s video for the booty-shaking “Love Ya” almost looks like a one-shot, but it actually has three cuts in it, as director Paul Gore tells Paper Thin Walls in an interview about the clip. Either way, its simple walking-down-the-hallway-where-crazy-shit*-happens construct results in four minutes that are compulsively watchable; if things don’t work out for David Lee Roth as far as the Van Halen tour go, he might do well to hook up with Gore for his next solo video.

Unklejam – Love Ya (extended version) [YouTube]
Kings Of Neon [Paper Thin Walls]

* Including digitally wiped-out genitalia! For serious!

  1. Bob Loblaw

    I realize it shouldn’t, but it really bothers when dudes who look
    like that make music that I actually like. It would have made me feel
    much safer in my worldview if they’d sounded like I expected: vacant,
    supersexxxy slapbass virtuosos.

  2. Maura Johnston

    @Bob Loblaw: You should definitely watch the video linked here, then.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    @maura: Wow. Wowie wowie wow wow. Siameze is
    the Kevin Eubanks to Derek Zoolander’s Leno. That just made my shitty
    Friday afternoon, thanks.

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