Morrissey Kicks Opening Act Off Tour For Naughty Words On Stage

the_orphans.jpgGlam piano duo KRISTEENYOUNG has lost its opening slot on Morrissey’s run of shows in New York because of a statement Kristeen uttered onstage Tuesday night that, to quote her, “has been perceived as being profane (when, actually, one of the two words in question is a scientific term found in junior high, health class text books, and the other word, I feel most would agree, is lightweight slang) or defamatory.” The joke, according to someone from the always-reliable Brooklyn Vegan comments section:

“Morrissey gives great head, oops I mean cunnilingus”

Now, I know Morrissey isn’t exactly sex-positive, but … really? Perhaps that slip of the tongue was just a convenient excuse to allow him to cut his losses without saying “My fans hate you” straught out; according to a friend of mine who was at Tuesday night’s show, apparently, two songs into the KY set someone screamed “You suck,” and her response was “that’s okay, if you don’t like something, you should express it,” which was met with groans. Either way, it’s kind of cheesy that the show’s new opener is named after a Smiths song.

UPDATE: OK, actually the band is called Girl In A Coma. But still.


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