For Your Consideration: Justice’s †

Oct 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments

justice.jpgA novel spin on the “for your consideration” e-mails that get bulk-sent out to critics around year-end list time: “hello, in the event that you are putting the justice record on any year end lists we wanted to make sure you had the proper information because over the year a lot of reviews incorrectly listed the album title as cross. it should read: Justice (Downtown/ Vice / Ed Banger) … note: to get the cross-like symbol just hit your computer’s option key and the letter t.” Helpful–but what the e-mail left out: The character’s HTML character entity is 8224 (it’s listed as the “dagger”). Dear already-beleaguered-enough Web production editors: You’re welcome!

  1. mackro


    Be careful out there.

  2. dog door


  3. natepatrin

    Well, that helps, but where’s the Zoso key?

  4. Chris N.

    Here’s my review of the album, written in a language I just made up:

    pw0oitu] [WIONVASLDL;49U 0WOIGAJLK JNA SIFJoOAIUG'pojOPOJojOIH9 8ujhOIHi;hPIIU[oihubiBKJNY[09yhipj 'I OIUJo;ijdkfjepr'ote[r 9tiuj4rglkaejrpgo*pretentiousassholes*'knd[gopo 9weiuopwatuhjwp9t8u9huwijeklvdkjzmnf klvlalOF;E QMO]rpejwoerihg;jn

  5. sparkletone

    I like the “must be using a Mac” assumption implicit in their “hit your computer’s option key…” instructions…

  6. Quine

    @sparkletone: Especiall when they’re emailing the public, which is over 90% pc users. How thoughtful :)

    I’m going to release an album next year called , and tell all the people that opt+shift+k is the proper way to type it, ignoring the fact that Windoze/Linux can’t even type that chacacter (as far as I’ve seen).

  7. Quine

    [That was supposed to show up as an apple symbol]

  8. tigerpop

    I wish that album could be better than it is. Meh.

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