U.S. Release Date for Robyn’s Album “Unspecified”

Oct 29th, 2007 // 5 Comments

Robyn’s self-titled album, which has been out in Sweden for three years and was supposed to come out via Universal Stateside Dec. 4, now has a U.S. release date of “an unspecified point in 2008.” What, is the OiNK shutdown making the suits at Universal a little cocky about the possibility of import editions being pirated? [Pitchfork]

  1. ascot-revival

    Maybe she’s flying south for the winter, only to return triumphantly-red-breasted in the spring.

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Crap! Now it’s going to fall into that critics’ netherworld where half of its lovers will vote for it this year and the rest next year (a la Winehouse/Lily Allen).

  3. Al Shipley

    @dennisobell: Isn’t it already in that netherworld, considering that over a dozen critics put that album or one of its singles on their P&J ballots in 2005?

  4. Thierry

    And in any case, those longing for Robyn should just listen to the Britney record – her voice is all over it. In fact, if you listen to “Piece of Me”, you’ll be hard-pressed to hear any Spears at all!

  5. Anonymous

    i think i’ve had it since 2005…i remember playing “konichiwa bitches” when chappelle’s show was still on the air.

    @Thierry: HA! Nice one.

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