Talk About The Blues Explosion

Oct 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments

I swear I’m not solely posting the clip for the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s “Talk About The Blues”–which stars Winona Ryder in the role of the band’s titular leader–because of the fact that it’s Ryder’s birthday today (although, OK, that’s probably a good 60% of the reason.). But it’s also a convenient excuse to point you to James Montgomery’s CMJ-inspired musings from last week on whether or not a band like the Blues Explosion–which, as he notes, had a mid-’90s career arc that resembled, well, an arc, and not a cliff–could have existed, and evolved as they did, in the Black Kids/Vampire Weekend/oh man are we living during the Best Week Ever or what era, since that whole topic was so much fun to chat about last time out. Anyway, as another piece of evidence for you to chew on, check out their (“Weird Al” Yankovic-directed) video for “Wail” after the jump.

Talk About The Blues [YouTube]
Could The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Be Number One Today? [MTV]


  1. hoopinion

    For me the “Talk About the Blues” video will always be about John C. Reilly’s performance therein.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    I listened to Orange the other day in a blast-from-the-past mode and it’s still got some jamz on it.

  3. Mr. Kim Gordons Panties

    Full grown! Get down!

    Also, that’s Giovanni Ribisi isn’t it?

  4. Anonymous

    I heard some Boss Hog the other day and man did it take me back… what has Jon Spencer been up to lately?

  5. papercoversrock

    Last thing I remember seeing Spencer’s name on was the music over the closing credits of Hot Fuzz.

  6. westartedthis

    i’ve been rocking “acme” all week. let me hear ya say, “yeah!”

  7. TheMojoPin

    Man, “Ghost World” really did fucking nail him.

  8. Anonymous

    jON spencer live is really boring. It was like a blues explosion without the explosion or blues.

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