Billy Corgan Continues Contemptible Quest To Steal His Audience’s Allowance Money

Oct 29th, 2007 // 11 Comments

zeitgeist.jpgA middling revamp of Smashing Pumpkins’ middling “return to form” Zeitgeist hits the shelves tomorrow as Reprise tries to tempt fans into re-purchasing a mediocre album with the promise of “a full-length DVD documentary titled Inside The Zeitgeist” and a handful of bonus tracks–the sixth Zeitgeist “upgrade” for anyone still keeping count. As he desperately tries to make up for sluggish sales and reviews, Corgan’s probably down to banking on support from longtime fanatics, like these poor souls who have already had a taste of the Pumpkins-flavored Kool-Aid.

I wish people would revolt as much against Starbucks as much as this….go buy your $8 coffee latte crappy drinks and then you wonder why you are broke.

I personally will be going to best buy tomorrow to get this. it’s 10 [bad word removed]ing dollars. if you’re that strapped for cash, you’ve got bigger problems than what version of zeitgeist you should buy.

Unfortunately for Billy, the fan reaction has been more along these lines:

Wow! How can they make it any more appealing to STEAL THIS, or DOWNLOAD IT ILLEGALLY! Lame. I can’t believe some of you suckers think this is cool. I’m pretty sure Billy isn’t hurting for cash.

Corgan, you knucklehead, you’re only driving them into the arms of the next OiNK!

[EDIT: Thanks to the 18 people who just emailed me to point out I accidentally (and repeatedly) mispelled "Corgan" as "Corrigan." In my defense let's just say I briefly confused Billy with fellow dour bald dude Jimmy Corrigan.]

Smashing Pumpkins [Official Site via Rolling Stone]


  1. extracrispy

    About four months ago, I would have been the Pumpkins apologist around here. But then I actually heard Zeitgeist.

  2. Sleepyhead

    In the 90′s I was a fucking huge Pumpkins fan. I pimped them to fellow collegiates hungry for something new. I felt that now-familiar sting when your secret underground thing you thought was cool becomes the biggest thing in the world. I saw them live a bunch of times. I read every interview. I bought vinyl 7 inches!

    And…. then… Zeitgeist. To start with, what an overwrought, overly optimistic and ten-years-too-late title. I bought it on sale (Target version! – before I knew there were umpteen different ones), ripped it, and sold it used, and I still feel kind of ripped off for my $6 net outlay.

  3. DocNoodle

    Corgan at New Orleans Voodoo Fest this weekend:

    “This next track is from our new album. I don’t care if you don’t buy it, but I do care if you don’t listen to it!”

    And then the fans cheered. Oh, if we’d only known . . .

    That said, ’1979′ is still a good fucking song.

  4. drjimmy11

    “despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage” is still the single worst lyric I have ever heard in my life.

  5. dog door

    I was one of the few who LOVED both Adore and Machines of God and still I refuse to listen to this album.

  6. Bigggnasty

    i stole this from best buy, and very recently tried to listen to it again. it’s horrendus. it’s the first time i’ve felt guilty for shoplifting. not too sure why…@dog door: i love adore…

  7. PengIn

    Hey, walk-in humidors don’t pay for themselves.

  8. frankenslade

    This guy does not compute for me. His Look alone is an immediate turn-off. Save your money, kids.

  9. valido

    I actually enjoyed Zeitgeist. You know why? I haven’t spent a single penny on it. I’m waiting for the 25th Anniversary Deluxe Collector’s Edition, with a further extra dvd containing interviews to people fondly remembering how much it sucked.

  10. Anonymous

    If it were referred to as “a $10 documentary DVD with a free copy of Zeitgeist,” which is exactly what it amounts to for Pumpkins fans, you’d be hailing it as a good deal.*

    *Actually, you wouldn’t be, because you wouldn’t be posting about it, because that wouldn’t leave any leeway for Corgan-bashing.

  11. TheMojoPin

    The warning signs were there as soon as he started rocking the Zero “uniform”…it was all downhill from there in the slippery slope to becoming a neo-goth, faux-emo, slightly-retarded-Nosferatu-looking cartoon.

    That said, I still dig that Zwan album.

    And him playing live on Bozo the Clown’s show before it ended is quite awesome and several levels.

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