Let’s Go Away With Broadcast

Oct 30th, 2007 // 2 Comments

If I lived in the UK, I could have seen the gloomy pop-electro outfit Broadcast take a break from recording its next album (!) to improvise a score to some short films this past Sunday, but unfortunately, I’m stuck in the States, so I’ll have to make do with the clip for “Come On Let’s Go,” the gently swinging first single from their spectacular 2000 album The Noise Made By People. People is one of those albums that I always haul out of storage when sweater weather hits; it’s a chilly, spacious record that is best described by the seemingly oxymoronic phrase “danceably somber.”

Broadcast – Come On Let’s Go [YouTube]
Broadcast [MySpace]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    That record is as good as almost any in my collection. It hasn’t left our office listening rotation since 2004.

  2. thearcanemodel

    !!! i’m more of a ha-ha sound girl, but this is one of their best songs.

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