We Totally Still Love Total (And Playa Too)

Now that it’s been almost a decade, can we officially get nostalgic for the pop R&B of the late ’90s? What a glorious time it was to turn on MTV after a hard day’s work and realize that you were bound to see some ladies formation dancing inside of an ice castle or a spaceship’s airlock while dressed in color-coordinated outfits, droping buttery three- or four-part harmonies on top of tricky rhythms that were either made by Timbaland (as here) or someone with a Timbaland statue on their Atari. And look, you could do it with guys too! (Even if their outfits were never as good. Especially because grown men shouldn’t wear overalls.)

Total – “What About Us?” [YouTube]Playa – “Don’t Stop The Music” [YouTube]