KRS-One Wants You To Start Saying “Increase The Peace” All Over Again

In addition to giving us the best bit of moralizing in hip-hop history, the Stop The Violence movement unified hip-hop in the late ’80s, precisely at the moment when the press started playing the genre up as the worst menace to America’s young people since disco/rock/swing/filthy ragtime sheet music. Now that hip-hop is once again attracting beaucoup negative attention from the media, a light went off above KRS-One’s head.

Nearly 20 years after he first gathered some of the hottest MCs in the game for the monumental “Self Destruction” posse cut, KRS-One has announced the re-launch of his Stop the Violence Movement…”We will have an ongoing presence with celebrity audio and visual PSAs, lectures, youth programs, a CD- soundtrack and film,” KRS explains. “A new ‘Stop the Violence’ Hip Hop anthem is in the works.”

Of course, most of the artists featured in the original “Self Destruction” video didn’t talk about toting techs in every other song, but apparently the program will “provide a platform for artists with controversial material to address the subject matter of their work and provide a balance to the often violent and misogynistic images they put forth.” Which has already proven to be so entertaining over the last few months, but better hip-hop administering its own colonic than Congress wagging a limp finger at the genre.

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