Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: People Were <i>Really</i> Obsessed With Freddy Krueger In The ’80s

Oct 31st, 2007 // 4 Comments

This Fat Boys video is just the razor-sharp tip of a Nightmare On Elm Street video onslaught, capturing the moment when Robert Englund replaced whoever was wearing the Jason mask at the time as America’s favorite horribly disfigured supernatural serial killer. With that in mind we bring you four Freddy-related videos, one for each deadly finger. (P.S. The lack of a clip for “Nightmare On My Street” is a heinous omission in the Nightmare video canon.)

Thanks to dream warrior Christopher Weingarten for the clips and for bringing me warm memories of when I had to sneak watching loaned Nightmare videotapes after everyone went to bed.

The Fat Boys – “Are You Ready For Freddy?” [YouTube]
Dokken – “Dream Warriors” [YouTube]
Vinnie Vincent Invasion – “Love Kills” [YouTube]
Whodini – “Anyway I Gotta Swing It” [YouTube]

  1. Jfrankparnell

    What, no Dramarama? Worthless band, but Clem Burke played their drums for a time. Which is good.

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  2. metroville

    I wonder what was the rationale behind dressing all three of the Fat Boys in Freddy Kreuger-style sweaters.

    More confusingly…why did they all have to stay in the house when only one of them stood to reap the financial benefit? Seemed cruel to force the fattest Fat Boy to take part when he clearly didn’t want to.

  3. Agro

    Dokken’s “Dream Warriors” was clearly the best of the lot. When your life depends on staying awake is there anything harder and louder than Rockin’ Dokken?

  4. Homage

    I do not understand that Whodini video at all.

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