Idolator’s Videodrone Halloween Parade: The Birthday Party Bites Down Hard

Oct 31st, 2007 // 3 Comments

Bummed (like us) that your ghouls night out got cancelled at the last minute? Stuck fending off ungrateful brats in costumes? Stomachache from binging on three-for-one sacks of discount candy from Wal-Mart? Release your Halloween-related frustration by watching the Birthday Party stumble and rumble through an unhinged “Release The Bats” at the Hacienda in ’82.

The Birthday Party – “Release The Bats” [YouTube]


  1. Dick Laurent is dead.


  2. Plague

    and thusly, my day is made.

    I need to go kick the crap outta some Emo kid now.

  3. mwynn13

    Awww… an outtake from Sid’s “My Way” taping.

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