Adam Levine Of Maroon 5: I Still Kill

An eagle-eared MTV viewer writes in to inform us: “From the people that brought you ‘Me and Warren G about to make some bodies turn [bleep]‘: New Maroon 5 video for “Wake Up Call” on MTV2 has the phrase ‘I had to shoot him dead’ FOUR TIMES unbleeped. And a gun! in the video!” We wonder if the MTV2 version is this “Director’s Cut,” where Mr. Levine blows a man away–Just to watch him die? No, because he was schtupping his lyin’ video girlfriend–and then bags up the body and then tosses the body off a bridge. (We lost track of the number of bethonged behinds and boobs jiggling in slo-mo.) Plus the F-word! Even if MTV did censor Levine’s more murderous impulses, 50 Cent must be pissed.

Maroon 5 – Wake Up Call DIRECTORS CUT [YouTube]

  • MTS

    Man, what a trite video but I do love the homage to Sparks in there.

  • loudersoft

    I can see the headlines now: “A series of lovelorn shootings by lonely teenage gunmen blamed on a song by Maroon 5.”

    In a perfectly imperfect world, this headline appears & the world’s injustices finally get divvied up correctly.

  • Ahh! Jim lad!

    Brilliant. Brilliant in the “What the hell did I just watch?” sort of way. Part of me feels like I just wasted 4 minutes or whatever watching this. But the other part of me feels like the laughs and grimaces I got out of it made it well worth the watch.