Melissa Auf Der Maur Sets Sail

Now that Guitar Hero III is out (not that we’ve had a chance to play it yet, hint), we can revisit one of the suggestions that I had for the game way back in March: Melissa Auf Der Maur’s amped-up sea chanty “Followed The Waves,” the video of which has only the most tangential relation to the watery themes of the song. (Nice boat!) But that’s fine, really, because “Waves” doesn’t really need much else to frame it; it’s just a potent rock track that unfairly bombed in the Not Many Gurlz Allowed club of modern-rock radio. A post on Auf Der Maur’s personal site hints that new music is forthcoming from the Billy Corgan/Courtney Love collaborator, which is 100% fine by me. (Bet it comes out before the next Courtney record does…)

Auf Der Maur – Followed The Waves [YouTube]
Lightning Is My Girl [blogspot]

  • TheMojoPin

    Yeah, gal or guy, this is still as painfully mediocre as when it first came out.

  • thumper

    i love this track – can’t wait for the new stuff

  • Jay-C

    Even that first 30 seconds didn’t affect the crush I’ve had on her since Hole…

  • Jupiter8

    She’s cute but Yoko caterwauls better.

  • G3K

    In what era would modern rock radio ever get behind a track that begins with 30 seconds of pure white-lady wail? I’m not sure there is an audience for this.

  • NickEddy

    It does make one miss Plexi, yes.

  • Jfrankparnell

    I bet she listens to “Kashmir” all the time.

    And I’ll be adding this to my “Best Videos With the Sound Off” list. Thanks.