EMI Trying To Squeeze Profits Out Of Radiohead’s Google Juice

EMI has already been accused of acting shadily when it comes to the back catalog of recent defectors Radiohead, putting out a big expensive box set of the band’s older material–without the consent of Thom & Co.–right around the release date for In Rainbows’ discbox. And as it turns out, those questionable business practices have extended to EMI’s Google AdWords inventory; after the jump, a screengrab (via the Guardian) of the EMI-purchased sponsored results that came up when you Googled “Radiohead” last week:


EMI’s publicist referred to the ad as a “service glitch,” but I like to think of the above ad as “an attempt to dupe casual fans who haven’t been paying attention to the Internet for the past month, and are therefore unclear on the title of the new album.” I mean, “Rainbow” isn’t even pluralized!

EMI Removes Radiohead ‘Rainbow’ Ad [Guardian]