Teenage Girls (And Their Mothers) Line Up To Meet, Potentially Defile Pete Wentz

Nov 13th, 2007 // 22 Comments

An hour-long signing at a musical instrument shop on a chilly November evening will usually only attract hardcore music geeks. Unless you’re Fall Out Boy bassist/petty eyelinered dictator Pete Wentz signing at a Manhattan Sam Ash store. In which case you attract a bananas number of hormonal high school girls and at least one self-professed cougar out to show a guy who displays his junk on the Internetan emo bandleader how an older lady could change his life. Idolator videographer Alex Goldberg braved the deafening squeals of Wentz-related joy to find out just what it is about this doof that gets panties of all ages in a knot.

  1. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Huh. I would’ve thought that Sam Ash (being an instrument vendor) would hold signings by musicians.

  2. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    Oh. One more thing.

    One cannot refer to ones self as a “cougar.” The title of “cougar” must be bestowed upon you.

    I take this type of thing VERY seriously.

  3. Rob Murphy

    Is that “cougar” related to Maura in any way? She lurvs her some Patrick Stump too!

  4. KrissyLikeWoah

    OMG that was hideous. Though I like how that one girl tryed to sound so deep.

  5. snizz

    I’m so embarrassed.

    Isn’t it weird how like, some commodified, cheap, and souless son of punk rock is now all Tigerbeat? God, it feels so filthy.

  6. Clare

    I’d so love to judge these girls, but I’m no better than they are: I went to an autograph show and paid $30 for a baseball player’s signature this weekend.

  7. SilentSid

    Fall Out Boy makes me miss the days when we only had to deal with Blink 182 being popular in the same way that Limp Bizkit made me miss the days when we only had to deal with Korn being popular. I don’t like having to feel nostalgic for bands I hated.

  8. AL

    GOD YOU GUYS. FOB is not that bad. Give them a listen. All this knee-jerk reacting to pop-emo-mall-punk or whatever is kind of tiresome.

  9. Anonymous

    The Cougar’s daughter in response to her mom’s declaration of Pete love: “Oh my god, what is wrong with you?!”


  10. scarletvirtue

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: About a week ago, I saw a guy wearing a shirt that said “Cougar Bait“. All I could think was, “oh honey … if you have to wear a shirt announcing it, then it’s probably not true.”

    @aluberalles: Agreed. I like the music – sure some of the lyrics may feel superficial, and the titles are somewhat ridiculous, but it’s still good.

  11. Jon W

    Good choice of title frame guys! :D

  12. Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee

    @Clare: It was Cole, wasn’t it?

  13. Weezy F Baby

    best still ever?

  14. Rob Iracane

    Edie Falco loves her some Fall Out Boy.

  15. lucasg

    the girl in that frame grab is so downy fresh

  16. SuperUnison

    @lucasg: Nice.
    “Sugar We’re Goin’ Down (Syndrome, that is)” ftw?

  17. Jerkwheat

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: my money is on it having been Bacon Pants

  18. Poubelle

    Well, at least one of them is astute enough to realize that eyeshadow “is what he does best.”

  19. Clare

    @Charlie Kerfelds Jetsons Tee: Winner winner chicken dinner.

    And he was delicious.

  20. Clare

    @pr0ff3ss0r_j3rkwh3at: Besides, I already HAVE Bacon Pants’ autograph.

  21. PrinceHal

    Their music is sooooooo “influencing.”
    Like, seriously, you guys.

  22. amandacobra


    with all due respect, they are actually worse than everyone assumes they are. they deserve every little bit of ridicule they get.

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