Oasis Refuse To Acquiesce To Changing Music Biz

Nov 14th, 2007 // 10 Comments

image_mini.jpegWith all this talk of thighs and abs and gentials and drugged-out new jack swingers and Josh Homme’s arms, I worry we have gone too far afield from the music today. And do you know who takes music more seriously than you or me or especially Thom Yorke? The Gallagher brothers, who are so dilligent about their art (and getting paid off of it) that Liam actually lapses into a rare bit of profanity during an interview when Yorke is brought up.

As with Radiohead, Oasis are free of major-label shackles –but don’t expect them to follow Radiohead’s example, and allow fans to download the album from the Web for whatever price they feel like paying.

Gallagher, peppering his speech with expletives, told Reuters it would be over his “dead body” before he went into a studio and worked hard to release his work for nothing.

Well, it’s not really for nothing when you’ve got an assload of fans willing to pay $80 for special editions of your albums. In related news, kinda sad I’m still familiar enough with the Oasis catalog to make song puns.

Oasis Full Speed Ahead With New Album [Reuters]

  1. Audif Jackson Winters III

    And a reference to a b-side, no less.

    (albeit, a well-known b-side)

  2. Nicolars

    You gotta roll with it, Jess.

  3. Chris Molanphy

    Don’t you know? They’re gonna live forever.

  4. strapsy

    mad fer it

  5. TheMojoPin

    Hey, Our Kid write about Their Kid.

  6. BestEuphemismEver

    Liam’s just following the Masterplan.

  7. Chris N.

    When reflecting upon your familiarity with the Oasis catalog, don’t look back in anger.

  8. Cos

    I’m sorry, did anyone catch “Liam” refering to “Noel” as our kid? Did the writer confuse which brother he was talking to?

    The last album, he said, suffered from Noel’s incessant tinkering in the studio.

    “Hopefully our kid’s learned his lesson,” he said. ” It shouldn’t be hard making music. We’ve been doing it long enough.”

  9. Anonymous

    their last single was digital download only.

  10. drjayphd

    He’s just miffed that if anyone downloads Oasis’s masterworks legally, the Brothers Gallagher won’t be able to afford their weekly champagne supernova.

    …I’ll just give myself the -1 now and be on my way.

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