skid_row.jpgOh, Sebastian Bach. I understand why you would think that the group currently touring as Skid Row–i.e. the band that doesn’t have you in it–is “wrecking the [band's] name worse than can ever be wrecked.” But considering that your Rock Band-touting appearance on today’s TRL is being touted as a guest spot by “Celebrity Rap Superstar‘s Sebastian Bach,” I don’t know if you have all that much leeway to complain about these sorts of things, you know? []

  • noamjamski

    At least he wasn’t announced as “star of the Gilmore Girls” right?

    It is harder to hate on him now having heard all of Angel Down. He deserves to be proud of the thing. It is awesome and every bit the spiritual successor to Slave to the Grind he was boasting.

    The only way this album could be any better is if he put it out as SAVAGE ANIMAL!

  • Maura Johnston

    @noamjamski: I am very excited to hear that album, actually. And Gilmore Girls > anything starring Perez Hilton.

  • walkmasterflex

    I wish Trailer Park Boys was shown in the U.S., because then he could have been introduced as “noted model train enthusiast” Sebastian Bach.

  • Trackback

    Sebastian Bach who, back in the 80s, was the traditional ending to the phrase “okay, if I really couldn’t just shoot myself, and had to have sex with one of Skid Row, it would probably be…”, is worried that the band’s name is being traduced by the current version of the group. He frets:.