Man Lays His Hands On Hannah’s Hardbody … For Six Days

Nov 15th, 2007 // Comment

giantmiley.jpgDo you have 144 hours to spare and an unquenchable desire to see Miley Cyrus in person? If you were in Tampa, Fla., you could have taken on 35-year-old Jody Powell in yet another contest designed to give away tickets to a Hannah Montana concert to the person most willing to take a lot of time off of work for unexplained “personal reasons”:

Twenty contestants started Nov. 8, placing a hand on the 400-pound statue in the parking lot of radio station WFLZ-FM, the contest’s sponsor. They were allowed 12-minute breaks every three hours and got catered meals, but weren’t allowed books, cell phones or iPods.

Powell was declared the winner Wednesday afternoon when the other remaining contestant, Lara Padgett, became distracted and let go.

“That sun really got to me today,” said Padgett, who later was checked out at a hospital because she wasn’t feeling well. “I took my hand off the fur-lined boot.”

Oh, cry me a river, Lara. You got 12-minute breaks every three hours! If I were your daughters, I’d be questioning your commitment to Miley Cyrus up and down and all over the place.

Man Hangs On, Wins `Hannah Montana’ Tix [AP]
[Photo via 93.3 FLZ]


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