Nov 15th, 2007 // 4 Comments

sammmmmy.jpgThat cryptic “sorry, guys” to the city of St. Louis that Sammy Hagar posted on his blog today? It’s because he complained about crap-beer titan Anheuser-Busch turning down his offer to produce a Cabo Wabo-branded brew while on stage in St. Louis the other night. And then he said, “It’s Miller Time.” A public apology for that? What’s next, him apologizing to officers for speeding? [A To Z]

  1. heyzeus

    They already make Tequiza. That’s one-too-many craptacular tequila flavored beers on the market before Sammy gets involved.

  2. Cam/ron

    Sammy should stick to his tequila that’s actually better than Patron.

  3. gorillavsmarykate

    I glad you linked a youtube video, I didn’t understand what you meant by “speeding.”

  4. mike a

    Sammy shouldn’t feel bad. It’s not as if St. Louisans are that tethered to AB products – I see far more labels for Miller-affiliated PBR and Stag at local bars than I do Bud or Michelob.

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