Courtney Love Ready To Embrace Digital Future (Typing Lessons Not Included)

Nov 15th, 2007 // 5 Comments

courtney.jpgGene Simmons may not be too pleased with Radiohead’s recent digital-distribution experiment, but the still-unsigned-to-a-major Courtney Love is thinking of going the In Rainbows route with her next record. Only she wants to one-up Thom Yorke and the gang by releasing her “A-list material”–and not a bunch of cobbled-together tracks that have been percolating for a while and that got lapped up by the Internet as OMG THE GREATEST THING EVER anyway–on her own terms, and not just as a “promotional stunt for the CD,” and after she does Oprah.

as for radiohead= they didcnt jump off a REAL clifff, they bungee jumped you KNOW the kamikaze pilot in me wnats to do the same dfamm thing excapt wuith my a lsit mnaterial, with the real thing- theyve made 9.7 m,illion in 3 weeks this way and its live junk-= not junk as radioheaddoesnt really amke JUNK but its live – most of it heard before( wich youve all heard liveversaionbs of things veryvery different than non live versions of things) i really think it couldf work do all my magazine covers in january – so the lead time in there kamikaze thropugh my junket my oprah my tv shit n the 2 week leaD UP and just jump of f that cliff i love doing things really first im greatful for radiohead for making the first move- id do it differentlyt -= thats why b sides are no longer b sisdes but have to be a sides to an extent-= cos theyre EXTRA TRACKS now wich can mean up to 500k to such and such sponsor coty./my space etc. …
i justthinjk offering about 10 songs but your best for “free” witha what am i worth sign not just NINs cast offs i mean yopur a sides- i don t know im percolating- i love risk and most everything ive ever done well has been because everyone said iw as crazy to do it-= thazts why words liek “risk management” and Rime management:” are4 resonating with me now.

Not that I know what “rime management” is, but hey, I’d kick Courtney some money for a self-financed album. Especially now that she’s trying to fashion herself as the Suze Orman of the rocker-chick set, as evidenced by the title of the post where she floats her Radiohead idea:

Fica/Radiohead [Courtney Love's MySpace Blog]

  1. Lax Danja House

    Not that anything could possibly be more demented than Courtney’s blogs… but one has to wonder what’s going through the heads of the people offering serious responses. The ability alone to decipher that shit must be indicative of some sort of madness.

  2. Paperboy 2000

    Courtney Love + Gerard sitting in a tree…

    I’d spell the next part, but it wouldn’t make sense to them.

  3. queensissy

    “Rime: an opaque coating of tiny, white, granular ice particles, caused by the rapid freezing of supercooled water droplets on impact with an object.” I don’t think her interest in white granular particles is anything new, though.

  4. gorillavsmarykate

    She certainly IS “percolating”.

  5. Anonymous

    its a fact that if a word ends and begins with the same letters and theres some semblence of most of the letters such as
    “mganent” 98% of us can decipher the word. I dont know why Courtney
    Love blogs this way- a friend of mine emails with her constantly ( dont ask) ( well she IS exec producing an A list film…she’s rather more popular than people would believe even when she was “out sick” ..she has alot more alliances than you would imagine) and her email’s are impeccable , because of course he shares them with us.
    If youve ever watched Cameron Crowes “Vanilla Sky”; Cruise plays a Hot,Dakota Dwelling, Mens style/politics type magazine editor and in the first scene when he arrives in his office the 1st line is ” You have an email from Courtney Love” its sort of common gossip that shes a bit of an email ho…but her emails and her blogs…totally different…maybe shes so Machiavellian that she knows 1. that most of her audience is young 18 – 23 on My Space maybe shes manipulating them
    2.this is weird but perhaps she has more respect for studio execs than a bunch of my space kids
    3 maybe she enjoys her bad spelling – it keeps her in the news
    4last theory – it was in almost every CL article on the record before this last un record of hers that her IQ is 153, often times people with IQs that high are just autistic about some things… this case i think shes saying “TIME” mgmt.
    i am still an academic Courttard, dopnt always thinks hes warm and fuzzy but thats what i find intriguing behind that big assed mouth something enigmatic lurks…perhaps….

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