Prince Brings Up Unresolved Issues For MSNBC Writer

Nov 16th, 2007 // 6 Comments

prince.jpgCertainly, there are perspectives to be offered on Prince’s recent attempt to reclaim his internet presence. Heck, we’ve offered our share. MSNBC’s “Netiquette” correspondent, Helen A.S. Popkin, decided to weigh in yesterday, and it seems that besides being a week or so behind on the facts, Popkin might have been dumped once while “Diamonds and Pearls” played in the background.The hyperbole flies by at top speed, and why wouldn’t it? Apparently, Prince was trying to ruin the entire process of listening to music itself!

Turns out though that the genius doesn’t always translate. Prince is just ornery. I for one hope he’ll come to his senses and stop being such a jerk about copyright infringement. Because I’d like to be able to listen to his songs occasionally without fear of legal attack by the copyright enforcers.

Huh? What do you mean we can’t listen to the music anymore? Well, apparently you can listen to it on headphones, but the moment you play it out loud, you’re running grave risks.

I’m not even sure what point Popkin’s trying to make here, but somewhere in the frenzy of Prince stopping by her office to take her computer speakers away, Helen’s desire to fight the power gets a little unfocused.

It seems this guy’s particular burden is a desire to either go his own way or be difficult, depending on your perspective.
Born a boy, he decided to dress in fabulous ruffley pink blouses. Well done, Sir.
He’s lauded for creating his very own musical classification. “Oh, you just released an album? Very nice, I’ve got my own genre.” Caught in a contract with Warner Brothers, he inked “Slave” on his face and changed his name to a fancy ampersand. I’m not sure I understand, but I certainly don’t sympathize with the poor record execs notorious for screwing artists out of cash. So, probably genius again…
For a while, it seemed the Artist actually worked out that the music is a means to an end, not the end itself. The end is getting paid, but if the album gets your fans’ asslessly chapped asses into seats, then so much the better. If your runaway popularity gets your music into commercials for phones and stuff, then whoopee. Set the music free and charge for the services! Amen, you freaky genius you.
Anyway, here’s hoping Prince™ snaps out of it. In the meantime Prince™, if you’re reading this, my friend Daniel bought Purple Rain™ when he was in middle school, but he’s since lost the disc. Since he owns the individual rights to play that music, he wants me to ask you to send him a new copy. He’ll take MP3 files, or even pay the 3 cents for a new disc to be pressed.
C’mon! Cut him some slack. He’s from England. And if you don’t, he’s going to sue me for any past or future ideas I may’ve borrowed.

In the future, any artist attempting to protect their image and trademark should make sure their fashion choices meet the “normality” regulations set by Ms. Popkin. Robert Plant should be checking his inbox for an email soonish. Did you know he used to wear women’s blouses on stage! Hand over your rights, sir! After all, at the end of the day, think of the fans, and their “asslessly chapped asses.” Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Prince Hits The Fans [MSNBC]

  1. Nicolars

    Did Prince murder this chick’s puppy? That’s the only thing that explains this kind of vitriol.

  2. SlimShadenfruede

    I had a video link removed of his on my blog: []

  3. coolfer

    worst article ever. i’m amazed at the selfishness of journalists who are aghast that artists dare to ask people to pay for their music.

  4. janine

    I love paying for music, but I think Prince goes overboard sometimes into areas of fair use, like the whole Holden Lenz thing. Unfortunately, the crazy tone of this article makes it impossible to agree with the writer.

  5. mike a

    I have to give the writer credit for “asslessly-chapped asses,” though. Fine line between stupid and clever, you know?

  6. jasonelias

    What that woman wrote about Prince is basically a MySpace rant. The only thing missing is one or two of her sycophantic friends chiming in with a profound, “You go girl!”

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