Will Led Zeppelin Be Loading Up On Sunblock For The Summer Festival Circuit?

Nov 16th, 2007 // 3 Comments

AP0711060160.jpgSo now everyone’s trying to out-guess each other as to which of the international summer festivals the reformed Led Zeppelin will be hitting up next year. Perhaps they’ll decide to play whatever sticky, smelly three-ring circus takes up residence in my home state next summer? Or perhaps one of its well-established U.K. equivalents? Perhaps!

The rock legends have apparently been in talks with Glastonbury head Michael Eavis about the mouth-watering prospect. They have even give the Worthy Farm owner a price for performing at the June event.

Despite the early talks, NME.com claims that the negotiations have broken down after the rock outfit’s representatives named too high a price, prompting Eavis to pull out.

Glastonbury, of course, has a capped fee that they are willing to pay artists — unlike many other major UK festivals.

Since every band-reformation rumor seems to come true these days if you wish upon a star, I’d like to ask Zeppelin (and the ghost of John Bonham, if possible) to add a stop at my house to rock for me while blogging one day. We can call it Idolatorfest and hold it on the deck if we have to. Make it happen, cosmos.

LED ZEPPELIN In Talks To Play Next Year’s GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL? [Blabbermouth]


  1. Julio Allison

    Jimmy’s looking rather Buttafucco in that photo.

  2. katieee

    I’d describe his look as a pumpkin wearing one of those judges’ wigs.

  3. Anonymous

    Who will Led Zeppelin have as an opening act on their 2008 US tour???
    The rumors have finally been silenced: Plant has personally tapped his illegitimate son’s band–MEAN VENUS–to open all 2008 shows.
    MEAN VENUS’ lead singer, J, when recently interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, spoke of his utter disbelief at the prospect:
    “I only found out he [Plant] was my dad a few years ago.
    My mum hid it from me for the majority of my life. So to actually be going on the road with my Dad is bloody outrageous!”…..

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