Band Of Horses: Not Shills, Just Boring

Nov 16th, 2007 // 12 Comments

boh.jpgIndie rockers Band Of Horses started to sweat recently when fans and blogs backlashed hardcore after news broke about the band liscensing its music to Wal-Mart. (In quasi-defense of these shrill finger-pointers, BOH did choose to liscense their songs one of the more reprehensible corporations possible.) But it turns out that the WordPress and Blogspot ethics police won’t have BOH to kick around any longer.

Lead singer Ben Bridwell, in an interview with a Fargo, ND newspaper, gave his thoughts on the brouhaha. “I called my family, talked to my girlfriend about it, talked to the guys in the band and decided it’s no big deal,” he told The Fargo-Moorhead Forum. “But at the same time, I was reluctant to do it in the back of my mind, and some fans reminded me there is a reason to feel that way about it. So once I saw our fans were let down by it, I nixed the TV commercial, and said, ‘You know what, this isn’t for me. Keep your money.’”

Bridwell, you nincompoop, PLUG Awards don’t pay for weed and sandwiches and beard trimmers. BOH should have used those Wal-Mart ducats to buy a few thousand banner ads that read “Eat Shit, Bloggers.” You can’t give these kids an inch.

Band Of Horses Reject Charges Of Selling Out [NME]

  1. Christopher R. Weingarten

    Or donate the money to charity.

  2. Dan Gibson

    Whoever makes a decent looking “Eat Shit, Bloggers” shirt available for purchase will be my new hero.

  3. Scratcher

    It also would have pissed off environmentalists upon finding out how many trees it took to make all that cash they stood to gain.

  4. The Van Buren Boys

    @DanGibson: Fantastic idea. This needs to happen. Most of the Gawker Media sites have their own shirts. Why not Idolator?

  5. catdirt

    i will order 20 “eat shit, bloggers” t shirts.

  6. SuperUnison

    They should have kept the money. It isn’t like Band of Horses stands for anything in the first place.

  7. mike a

    How come the Shins get a pass for their McDonald’s ad and Band of Horses are evil sellouts for their Wal-Mart connection?

  8. SuperUnison

    @mike a: My guess would be that the Shins were relinquished to the square community sometime in 04-05. Hence, not a lot to get pissy about.

  9. The Lord God

    isn’t idolator a blog?

  10. gorillavsmarykate

    Well, the Shins changed my life. That’s why they have a free pass for Mickey D’s.

  11. narymary

    Wait, do people really care about Band of Horses?

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