Zune Sell-Out Forces Us To Reconsider Future Of MP3 Players, Faith In Humanity

Nov 16th, 2007 // 6 Comments

zunes.jpegHey, were you actually considering buying a second-gen Zune instead of an iPod? Well, too bad, because you can’t get ‘em anymore, at least the 80 gig version. You heard us.

The new Zunes are out–mostly. While availability of the 4GB and 8GB flash models is excellent, the black 80GB hard drive model has been hard to find. Microsoft assures us that “high demand” is to blame…

We looked at numerous online stores. The product has apparently launched, and units have actually been shipped (something Microsoft confirmed), but retailers are out of stock. Microsoft doesn’t have them, Amazon doesn’t have them, Best Buy doesn’t have them, and Circuit City doesn’t have them.

Yeah, we’re boggling, too. Still, this isn’t necessarily a good thing for Microsoft, as Wired wonders if it might be as much (or more) of a cock-up on the company’s part as unexpected consumer demand. Also, I don’t know what this “scarcer than a Wii” stuff is, either; there were half a dozen Wiis just sitting there, forlorn and unbought, at the Burlington, N.J. Target just a few days ago. Tip!

Zune 80 Scarcer Than A Wii, Microsoft Blames Popularity [Ars Technica via Gadget Lab]

  1. beta.rogan

    I dunno man, those new commercials aren’t too bad, and the lack of turd-brown as a color can only help the Zune mark-2.

    They don’t look that bad, how they work is another story altogether…

  2. dsven

    I actually kind of feel sorry for the lowly Zune. I know it’s fashionable to rag on it b/c it’s made by Microsoft, but is it really that bad??

  3. Quine

    As someone who has tried carrying around a Zune and a Zune 2 for multiple days day each, I can vouch that yes, it really is that bad. It’s not lack of features, size, or interface prettiness, but rather the fact that if you want to listen to a song IMMEDIATELY, it’s considerably harder (and less enjoyable) to find it for it than it is on most competing mp3 players.

    I mean, people hated on the xbox when it first came out, and now tons of people love it because it proved itself as a good system. Where’s this love for the zune? In the future, I guess, when they come out with the Zune 3 that is actually good.

  4. DeeW

    Hmm… I kinda dig the Zune. If it offered Mac support, I’d ditch my chubby iPod Nano in a heartbeat (not saying that I don’t like my iPod, but it’s quite boring when compared to wifi, full-screen album art and FM radio as Zune 2 offers).

    This thing could sell out across the universe and it’d never ever out-sell iPods. However, if you ask me, Zune is definitely stealing some of the iPods’ “cool factor” – especially when you consider the free art engravings on the back (www.ZuneOriginals.com) Whoa! But until Mr. Microsoft gets his head out of their a** and lets Zune play with Macs, then I’ll stick with my quickly-boring iPod.

  5. silkyjumbo

    my name is silky jumbo and i have a Zune. i’ve been fairly ambivalent about mp3 players, especially since i think apple has been a touch mafioso with the iPod. but i’m happy with it.

    old fogey alert: my favorite feature on the Zune? the radio tuner.

  6. smackswell

    Zune shortage? I’m sure someone just blended them.

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