Jonas Brother Sends An S.O.S. Out To The American Music Awards’ Set Designer

Nov 19th, 2007 // 4 Comments

If you missed the American Music Awards performance by Disney Channel stars-in-waiting the Jonas Brothers, not only did you miss the one moment of the show where the audience seemed excited to be watching–thanks to a truckload of hormonal preteens being shuttled in for the duration of the Brothers’ spunky “S.O.S.”–you missed its one spontaneous moment, which was brought to you by Joe “The Middle One” Jonas tripping and falling on the shattered glass that heralded his and his brothers’ arrival onstage. Not only should Joe be proud of his pretty much instantaneous recovery–he didn’t even have to drop his tambourine to spring up!–he should be very, very thankful that his brother’s lyrics didn’t compare his bad relationships to walking into a pit of poisonous snakes.

  1. Anonymous

    With the real musicians “hidden” in the back, why did they even bother with the guitars? Just stand, or fall over, there and look pretty.

  2. Anonymous

    The most entertaining point of the night…so sad!

  3. Moimeme

    @rhythmchyc: Oh boo don’t even start – they are actually playing! They just, like many a band with a non-folk sound, have a bass player, drummer and rhythm guitarist who sadly get stuffed behind a scrim, although they are also a charming bunch.

    I am an old lady of 28 with a long history of listening to snob-condoned music and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these guys. They are bringing some life back to pop music, reality and actual talent, like old timey teen idols. And they BROUGHT it, pitfalls and all.


  4. catdirt

    all i’ll say is that as i was walking to work a few saturday’s ago, i passed by the san diego house of blues that was having a mid day jonas brothers concert and it was the most batshit crazy mob scene i’ve ever seen at that venue, including britney’s first concert back from her extended vaca. did i mention that this was all observed at 9am or thereabouts? fact.

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