Lupe Fiasco Designs Some Mystical Body Art For The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race

Nov 19th, 2007 // 7 Comments


Over/under before one part or all of this cover becomes a stoned college student’s late night bright idea for a terrible, terrible tattoo: four weeks after release. Hell, I’m pretty sure I saw that heart locket thingee on someone’s lower back already.

Lupe Fiasco – The Cool Cover [Nah Right]

  1. Ned Raggett

    It’s almost a Tool T-shirt if you squint.

  2. The Notorious T

    It looks like Lupe ripped off the tramp stamp from the “free-spirited” girl who lived down the hall freshman year and ran off to a commune somewhere to knit mittens. Call it nostalgia but I don’t think this is one of the worst album covers this year. It truly pales to some of the other crap that’s been posted.

  3. Julio Allison

    Very Led Zeppelin IV.

  4. walkmasterflex

    at least this is a step up from food & liquor, right?

  5. Chris N.

    I dunno, I like it.

  6. OingoBobo

    Quaid… start the reactor!

  7. Anonymous

    I like how he tries to make his trademark name in a quasi arabic/english typeset.

    The rest of the album art IS pretty crappy, though.

    Whatever it ends up looking like, I’ll still buy the album.

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