Amy Winehouse Is Out To Destroy Own Life, Entire Continents

Nov 19th, 2007 // 3 Comments

amyyyyy.jpgJust when you thought there was no one left who’s corny enough to bother pointing out that Amy Winehouse really did need to go to rehab (LOL), an officer of the United Nations (no less!) has stepped up to be that guy. But it seems that Winehouse is not only guilty of enabling the most widespread misuse of the word “irony” since Alanis, she’s actually aiding narcotics traffickers in obliterating the people of Africa. Who knew, right?

Costa accused the star of glamourising a global drug trade that threatens to devastate parts of Africa, reports BBC 6 Music.

He said that it threatened the “complete collapse” of some impoverished west African nations, where certain governments were now vulnerable to the damaging influence of drug money.

Gee, here we thought Winehouse was just a lone addict killing herself slowly for the adulation, but it turns out she’s as bad as coke cartels undermining the rights of the downtrodden. That kinda revelation’s gotta be something of a damper on your holiday season. That’s the kind of guilt a person with less willpower might even try to medicate away.

United Nations Attack Amy Winehouse [NME]

  1. Rob Murphy

    She told you she was trouble, you know she’s no good…

  2. Jay-C

    Apparantly Keith Richards isn’t on this guy’s radar…

  3. smackswell

    Why does everyone have to pick on my favorite junkie? She has pipes. Leave her alone. LEAVE HER ALOOOOOOOONE!!!

    At least she’s not Pete Wentz.

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