Confusingly, America Is Suddenly Interested In Lil Romeo Again

Nov 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

lilromeo.jpgThough his main contributions to popular culture remain his verse on the 504 Boyz’s “Tight Whips” and being the spawn of Congressional finger-pointer Master P, Lil Romeo is somehow all over the news again, blowing up the aggregators and RSS feeds. How to explain this? Perhaps it is his spam-like struggle to gain six more inches?

“Basketball has run in the family,” Lindsay said, noting the rapper’s father, hip-hop mogul Master P, had tryouts with two NBA teams in the 1990s.

“In the future, I want to be an NBA player. That’s my goal,” Lil’ Romeo told The Associated Press in a 2003 interview.

At the time he was 14 and just 5-foot-6. He acknowledged then that his goal might go unrealized if he didn’t add another 12 inches of height.

He’s 17 now and 6-1, a little more than halfway toward that goal.

No, seriously, what is up with this uptick of interest in Lil Romeo? Did you know he’s No. 2 on Google Trends right now? Ahead of “when did the first Frankenstein movie come out?” and “Bob Crane.” And he was a Nazi resistance fighter who made his own porno.

Lil Romeo Planning To Play Basketball For USC [MSNBC]

  1. Nicolars

    Isn’t he a little old to be “Lil” Romeo now?

  2. walkmasterflex

    yesterday he signed a scholarship to play basketball at Southern Cal, and he’s one of the top 15 prep players at his position in the country. that’s why he’s getting all this publicity all of a sudden. this was my favorite quote from his press conference about it:

    “Getting a college scholarship is more important than winning an American Music Award, and I plan to be the best student-athlete I can be at USC.”

  3. amandacobra

    he apparently also is graduating at the top of his class at bev. hills high school.

  4. rad_matter

    @walkmasterflex: I know prior to this MSNBC report that Lil’ Romeo has referred to himself as only Romeo.

    As for me: I’m rooting for UCLA in the Pac-10 from now on. At least in men’s basketball.

  5. Nicolars

    @walkmasterflex: What isn’t more important than an American Music Award these days?

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