Nov 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

spiralfrog_logo.gifHey, remember the ad-supported download service SpiralFrog, which allowed users to download songs for 30 whole days as long as they sat through a few ads? Was going to change the industry and make music a viable source of income again? No? Well, you’re not alone; the company lost $3.3 million in the last quarter, during which it generated a whopping $20,000 in revenue. And no, I’m not forgetting any zeroes or commas there. [Silicon Alley Insider]

  1. thewriteguy

    Their site when down just now as I was downloading a song. The end is near, damn.

  2. Captain Wrong

    Yeah, I remember that. Went there once, saw it was neither Mac or iPod compatible, haven’t been back since.

  3. drjayphd

    Biggest shocker: they generated revenue?

  4. Reidicus

    Wow. I’ve made more money as a freelance writer/editor. And bonus: I only had to spend a few hundred dollars in expenses to do that.

  5. Spiny Norman

    I suppose this now makes the service “Death Spiral Frog”?

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