The Notorious B.I.G. Murder Case: Now Recycling Old Theories With Exciting New Guest Stars

Nov 20th, 2007 // Comment

notbig.jpg“Newly discovered evidence” and a fresh round of defendants (some of them [very] minor celebrities) have re-juiced the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city of Los Angeles in Biggie’s 1997 homicide, which initially fingered two members of the LAPD, Rafael Perez and David Mack.

Longtime observers of the Wallace family’s attempt to bring Big’s killer to justice have no doubt heard this theory before, and even the city’s legal team called the suit’s amendement “old wine, new bottles.” (The twist is that the “new evidence shows Perez was on duty the night of B.I.G.’s slaying and may have been at the scene.”) And hey, if nothing else at least Suge Knight will be there! He’s always good for… actually, we’re not sure what he’s good for, other than playing human bungee cord with Vanilla Ice.

Notorious BIG Lawsuit [AP]

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