Mudhoney Makes, And Breaks, The Donuts

Nov 20th, 2007 // 3 Comments

Apparently this video for Mudhoney’s “It Is Us” is older than Idolator, so when it dropped in my inbox just now, it was “new” to me. Now, you know that I’m a pretty cranky-ass lady who tries to resist the “reposting my e-mail” lazy blogger route as often as possible, so let me explain that there were multiple factors leading to this post being in front of you right now.

1. A split-second cameo by two pugs. (Who are fed cereal with milk, which is not so good for their digestion. Here’s hoping it was fake.)
2. Corn dog eating. In a car. Where the mustard is kept in the glove compartment.
3. Speaking of gross, check out the scene where our protagonist looks to be double-frying his donut. After he bit into it, no less. Talk about keeping it outta my face!
4. The video reminded me that Mudhoney is playing three shows in New York next week, and if I don’t go to at least one, I will have failed at life. If I haven’t already!
5. Who wouldn’t want to close out their Standard Time-shortened day listening to the snarling vocals of a man who, as my friend Jon Solomon once said, “could sing the paint off a Buick”? And this video’s end–which I don’t want to spoil–should especially hit home for those of you who, like me, cranked the Mark Arm body of work while waiting for customers to abuse you at your minimum-wage food-service job back in the day.

Mudhoney – It Is Us [YouTube]
Mudhoney [MySpace]


  1. DeeJayQueue

    that video is a total riff on the opening scene to “clerks”

  2. g00gander

    That’s Voodoo Donuts in Portland. They make the infamous bacon topped maple bar.

    Eating there is like dumpster diving except you have to pay for your crappy food.

  3. Cam/ron

    Back in high school around the mid-90s, I was the lone Mudhoney fan within a 30-mile radius. :(

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