Queensryche: Rip-Off Artists?

Nov 21st, 2007 // 5 Comments

queensryche.jpgUsually our referrer logs just lead us to fetish sites and people wanting to know how to make crack cocaine. But sometimes, they lead to drama! For instance, this message board post entitled “Opinion needed–Did Queensryche rip off Pure Hatred?”

I just found out about this a couple hours ago:

We need your opinion.

Pure Hatred, an independent unsigned band from Seattle, releases their CD in July 2007.

Queensryche, a signed band from Seattle known throughout the world, releases their CD in November of 2007

Take a very close look at the two pictures below, think about what you see there, and message us back.

Heavens! Well, if you don’t remember it from a few weeks ago, the Queensryche cover is above. This is the Pure Hatred cover.


Well, uh, that’s…not really close at all. Or, as another “Forums Of Filth” poster put it:

I think you both ripped of Nasum, Phobia, Toxic Holocaust and every other crust/grind/punk band who ever existed. Gas mask….city….apocalypse, ya thats never been done ever.

Also, honestly, who beefs with Queensryche?

Opinion needed–Did Queensryche rip off Pure Hatred? [Forums Of Filth]


  1. Lucas Jensen

    I beef with Queensryche.

  2. noamjamski

    The person pointing out the similarity is in that band Pure Hatred. He found a simple way for people to talk about Pure Hatred. That is all.

    Damn I keep forgetting I want to hear that Queensryche record. I saw them as an opener at Jones Beach this summer. The set was pretty awful except for an amazing cover of Welcome to the Machine. Surprisingly amazing. Like someone offering you the most delicious taco in between kicking you in the balls.

  3. Bazooka Tooth

    Operation Mindcrime box set is still the best decision i made in 7th grade. And that would be to buy it, not throw it away, smart asses.

  4. Chris N.

    I like most of the record, except dammit, people, can everyone please stop covering “For What It’s Worth”?

  5. Homage

    If the Pure Hatreds hadn’t carefully added little horn-shaped serifs to all the letters in their name, I would think their record looked like the friendly cartoon version of Queensryche’s decidedly more adult-themed one. (The “adult-themed” bit is the smog filter).

    Also, helloooooo, Purely Hated, are you not aware that this is a COVERS album? They’re just covering your cover!

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