Nov 21st, 2007 // 4 Comments

gangoffour.jpgHoly crap, demos of new material by the Gang Of Four! And while I want to hold back on the lame, 60-second snap judgements about one of my favorite bands of all time, based on demos no less, they seem a little… “funky.” And Andy Gill’s guitar is just way too clean. [Brooklyn Vegan]


  1. Jfrankparnell

    They seem a little …”funky.” And Andy Gill’s guitar is just way too clean.

    …that would mean they sound just like Gang of Four tracks, no? They never really distroted things too much. The two tracks you posted remind me of “Anthrax;” in fact, they sound written right out of that song – similar stuttering rhythm.

    If these sucked, I’d say so, being old enough to have bought the records when they came out. But they don’t, nicely enough.

    And in “Second Life” — is that a wah wah or talkbox I hear in the background?

  2. beta.rogan

    yeah they sound pretty authentically Gang of Four to me. Gill’s guitar still has that classic “shards of glass” sound. I’m really excited by this, I’ve got to say.

  3. Cam/ron

    I haven’t heard the new songs yet, but I’m stoked to read that Gill’s classic sound is still alive. “Return the Gift” was a big letdown for me since the band’s classic elements weren’t all there.

  4. jetblackturd

    But what are all the bands who sound like gang of four gonna do now?

    I’m quite into ‘Password’ already. Sounds pretty much on form to me!

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