The Specials Get Lost In A Ghostly Part Of Town

Nov 21st, 2007 // 6 Comments

The concept is almost too obvious when paired with the song. (Let’s squeeze classic English rude boys the Specials like clowns into a car and have them tool through abandoned English streets at dusk.) But all those sinister grey towers and looming darkened apartments fit perfectly with the song’s cheery dread over the politicall chilliness of the early ’80s. Hell, even if it was a fan tribute synched up to Ghostbusters clips, “Ghost Town” would still be the eeriest (and greatest, need it be said) hit single ever laid down by a multi-racial, political pop band. (Wait, no…that Ghostbusters thing would be awesome.)

The Specials – “Ghost Town” [YouTube]


  1. SmedIndy

    This, this I love. It’s a shame we naive Americans rather much ignored them. Alas…

  2. Cam/ron

    This confirms my belief that the politically worst of times produces the best music. God bless Thatcher and her lousy reign.

  3. kingedwin

    @Cam/ron: So why don’t we have better music now?

  4. TheMojoPin

    Too anyone that readily scoffs and tosses out their snotty, “oh, I don’t like SKAAAAAAAAA” derision, I would like to punch you in the face with the Specials.

  5. Dick Laurent is dead.

    @TheMojoPin: Seconded; and I used to be one of those guys.

  6. Cam/ron

    @kingedwin: There is great music, it all depends on where you look.

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