The Latest In Phony Sex Tapes: Production Values! Pete Wentz! That “Hell’s Kitchen” Chick!

Nov 23rd, 2007 // 7 Comments

77878175.jpgThe rumor that there was a sex tape featuring Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz must have thrilled that cougar-mom who was waiting in line at Sam Ash a few weeks ago, but sadly for her, it isn’t real. Which is to say that the footage does really feature him, but he’s in “character,” acting alongside Bonnie Muirhead, a.k.a. Bonnie from Hell’s Kitchen, in a scene from his pal’s film Goodnight Moon. What does it say about my blase attitude toward these OMG SEX TAPES that my first thought upon reading about this wasn’t “how stupid can people be to think that a sex tape with a soundtrack and multiple camera angles is real??”, but “Aw, man, Julia was robbed“? Anyway, the offending scene is after the jump, so as not to get the few of you who are actually at work today fired.

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The Pete Wentz Sex Tape [YouTube]
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  1. Al Shipley

    Oh “wank mining” tag, how I’ve missed you.

  2. Ned Raggett

    One blurry tattoo still too many.

  3. Nicolars

    Now I have another reason to hate Bonnie.

  4. porterlicious

    These guys came into the restaurant I work at last week. Nobody cared.

  5. Anonymous

    No one really has sex with a blanket covering the action anyway…a dead giveaway that it was made for TV or R rating …

  6. Mike Barthel

    Ironically for a film called Goodnight Moon, there’s not a bare butt to be seen.

  7. AnastasiaBeaverhousen

    The first sentence of this post made me laugh really loud…and I’m in a really small quiet office. I’m embarassed now… but it was worth it.

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