Maurice Sendak’s Legal Team Roars Its Terrible Roar And Gnashes Its Terrible Teeth At Fall Out Boy

Nov 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

wildthings.jpgStomachs turned when we found out Fall Out Boy would be using imagery from Where The Wild Things Are in the stage show of their current tour, mostly due to sadness that Maurice Sendak would let his greatest creations shill for a mall emo band. (You know, that wasn’t My Chemical Romance.) But it turns out Sendak didn’t agree to FOB’s tour plans after all, as the band neglected to do him the simple courtesy of asking him (and the people who own his expensive copyrights) permission.

As you may have seen in our most recent concerts, we’ve changed the staging and visuals. We were using Where The Wild Things Are and, unintentionally, infringed on the rights of Maurice Sendak, the author of this timeless classic. We have great respect and affection for his book and it was our intent only to pay homage to it, not to infringe any rights. FOB sincerely apologizes to Maurice Sendak for using images from Where The Wild Things Are in our concerts and elsewhere without authorization.

“Unintentionally.” Despite our Wild Things-punning headline, Rolling Stone says there’s actually “no word yet on whether or not Sendak has taken, or will take, legal action,” probably because he’s a kindly septuagenarian who loves kids, including idiot manchildren. (Also yes, second FOB-related post of the news-free day. On the upside, this one involves cuddly children’s lit icons and doesn’t involve Wentz’s wang.)

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    @capnbecki: you mean that it hasn’t already?

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    Will Hot Topic eventually ruin everything cool?

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