Nov 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

soundssss.jpgOne of the largest music chains in New Zealand “temporarily” shut down on Wednesday because of the “soft retail market.” When the chain Sounds does reopen, it’ll be much smaller, thanks to shuttering of 22 of its 36 stores and laying off a bunch of its employees. Happy holiday shopping season! [TVNZ]

  1. bruzie

    He he, I pretty much walk past that particular ship everyday. I’d say good riddance, where these stores baseline price for CDs is NZD$35 (around $25 US) – of course most of them are on ‘special’ for $25, but it’s a bit of a con.

    One of the reason’s they complain about is the fact that “The Warehouse” (cheap version of WalMart/Target) sells CDs at a lower price as standard – it’s called competition, as they say: “Adapt or Die”

  2. bruzie

    shop, dammit! Or was I thinking of a sinking one…

  3. Lettermaniac

    Ouch. I frequent the very store in the picture. And to think, I was going to apply for a job there in the coming weeks.

    Just shows how Downloading will really takeover, to me.

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