The Brown Zune: For The Person On Your List Who Deserves Something Slightly Better Than A Lump Of Coal

Nov 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

brownzune.jpgThe term “brown Zune” is really high on the Black Friday Google Trends-o-meter, perhaps because the now-phased-out 30-gig model is only $89.99 at certain stores today. Although the fact that so many people are searching for it probably means that whoever gets the thing as a holiday present will be insulted, so the thrifty gift-givers will likely be out 90 bucks and some self-respect. May I suggest giving the hard-to-please, yet not-quite-worth-$100 person in your life a heated towel rack instead? Sure, it doesn’t come preloaded with any CSS songs, but at least it’ll make your frenemy’s morning a little bit toastier.

brown zune [Google]

  1. catdirt

    when is microsoft going to give up on this zune thing? also: i think actually writing “this is hot on google trends right now” kind of spoils the fun of blogging about things that are hot on google trends right now.

  2. Transient

    Is the 30 GB getting phased out? I thought they were maintaining it around a $200 price point (present sales aside) while the 80 sits at $250 just to have a less expensive mass storage player.

    There goes my diabolical “get one for $90 and trick some retailer into giving me $200 store credit so I can pay $50 more for an 80GB Zune” scheme. Drat!

  3. Nicolars

    You know, I did almost buy that as a Christmas gift but then realized I’d be visited by 3 ghosts on Christmas eve if I actually went through with it.

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