Led Zeppelin Reunion Tour Definitely Not Happening In The Next Few Months

Nov 26th, 2007 // 3 Comments

ledzeppppp.jpgThis news may ruin Ian Astbury’s day, but Robert Plant has told Rolling Stone that he’ll be spending the first chunk of next year on the road… with bluegrass singer Alison Krauss, as the two team up to promote their album Raising Sand. Said tour may be a good way for Plant and Co., to save face, since according to those rumormongers over at The Sun, the version of Led Zeppelin that’s currently in rehearsals is not letting its songs remain the same, thanks to Plant apparently experiencing the “voice change” part of puberty sometime in his mid-40s.

LED ZEPPELIN are rearranging classic tracks for their big reunion – after ageing frontman ROBERT PLANT found he could no longer hit the high notes.

The rockers – whose legendary 1976 live album was called The Song Remains The Same – have been rehearsing songs in a lower key because 59-year-old Plant’s voice is deeper.

A source revealed yesterday: “He and guitarist JIMMY PAGE have had a few heated discussions about the upcoming gig.

“Jimmy is a bit rusty and Robert has been struggling with the high notes. To avoid any embarrassing vocal wobbles with the world watching, they decided it would be best to transpose the songs in a lower key.”

Oh, because surely Led Zeppelin’s tablature-obsessed fanbase won’t notice that as soon as it hits YouTube. Anyone care to bet on when Page’s next accident in the garden will happen?

Led Zeppelin | Rearrange Tracks [The Sun]
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  1. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, a “supergroup” made up of Keith Emerson, Chris Squire, Alan White and Simon Kirke are going to be one of the opening acts for the Zeppelin show in December. Rick Wakeman was also supposed to be a member of this group, but due to previous commitments on the rescheduled date, he’s had to drop out.

  2. mike a

    This is the time for Garfunkel, Oates, Messina and Lisa to make its grand debut, I think.

  3. Jack Fear

    @bbernardini: Rick Wakeman sharing a stage with Keith Emerson-the mind boggles.

    [Salieri] Too many notes![/Salieri]

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