Which Alt-Country Act Was Discovered With A Coke-Covered Fingernail Up Its Nostril?

Nov 26th, 2007 // 12 Comments

highonyourownsupply.jpgSilly Daily News blind items can you teach much of practical use in your everyday life. For instance, this time we learned all sorts of new, MacGyver-esque uses for fake fingernails. Did you know they were strong enough that you can rock out with them? Or that they can also be used for snorting illegal narcotics with alt-country stars?

Which local singer who was opening for the national tour of a well-known alt-country act lost the fake nail she was using as a guitar pick? When she finally tracked it down, the headlining band was using it to cut up cocaine lines in the back of their tour bus.

Okay, so were thinking about doing a poll, but frankly if the answer isn’t Ryan Adams, we’ll eat a fake nail heaped with blow.

New York Minute [Daily News]

  1. King of Pants

    Uh…all of them!

  2. Chris Molanphy

    Ok, I’ll bite: who’s opening for Ryan Adams right now?

  3. musicquizking

    The Jayhawks?

  4. G3K

    Shooter Jennings?

  5. tigerpop

    That would explain “Halloweenhead.”

  6. Darth Funk

    I thought RyRy was all clean and sober?

  7. La Mareada

    What alt-country act would be known to Daily News readers?

  8. the rich girls are weeping

    Perhaps someone thought Trail of Dead was an alt-country act?

  9. Rob Murphy

    Please tell me that the “alt-country act” is Sugarland, and that the “local singer” who uses a fake nail as a guitar pick is Beyonce.


  10. thefridayforty

    Chris Gaines?

  11. KinetiQ

    Does the act of cutting lines with an acrylic fingernail seem a little akward to anyone else? Were they also shouting “BOY I HOPE NO ONE SEES US DO THIS?”

  12. amandacobra

    Is Def Lepard an alt-country band?

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