Mickey Avalon Now Set To Ruin Phones, Reruns Of <em>The Wayans Brothers</em>

Nov 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments

theterribletrio.jpg“Is that Mickey fucking Avalon?” Maura asked when I showed her this photo. Why, yes it is! It seems the way-past-his-15 novelty “sleazeball” “rapper” has been tapped by Boost Mobile to irritate us on a variety of media platforms, along with his new friends the Snowman and some guy who hates iTunes.

The new campaign features “music tycoon Jermaine Dupri, hip-hop mogul Young Jeezy and crossover rock star Mickey Avalon” [crossover rock star?] together in an “innovative 3D animated music-video-style commercial. The spot also features an original track produced by Dupri with vocals from all three artists, which will begin airing Nov. 26 on MTV, BET, ESPN, COMEDY CENTRAL and other youth-oriented national networks.”

Clyde from ProHipHop worries that the campaign is doomed because he can’t imagine that “the often homophobic fans of such acts as The Game and Young Jeezy are going to warm up to a Hollywood street hustler,” while we’re guessing it’s going to fail because Avalon is completely friggin’ awful. Making Jermaine Dupri and and Young Jeezy look masterful by comparison is a tough job, but that’s our Mickey.

Boost Mobile’s Anthem 2.0 Starring Young Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri & Mickey Avalon [ProHipHop]


  1. musicquizking

    I don’t even know ONE person that uses Boost Mobile.

  2. Anonymous

    Ick. Why is this femme-dude looking at me like he wants me?

  3. BestEuphemismEver

    @rhythmchyc: Not only does he want you, for $20 and a Sno Cone he can be all yours.

  4. heyzeus

    Memo to Jane Fonda’s legal team: Please sue Mickey Avalon for false appropriation, sue him now and sue him hard. Talk to Rosa Parks’ lawyers to see how it’s done. Make it happen or else I’ll do it for you.

  5. Anonymous

    You must not know any teenagers. Boost loves the kids, and the track is better than 90% of stuff on air now.
    The track is here:

    zshare. net/audio/5066748e5e2ae9/

    You may now return to cranking that soulja boy.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh My God! My dick is bigger than your dick??? It’s like 50 Cent wrapped in Freddy Mercury.

    Leave it up to Hollywood snobs to elevate this waste to beaucoup endorsement dollars… I can’t wait for the commercial!!

  7. Adam Bernard

    I might be the only one on this site who understands him, but thank God for Mickey Avalon.

  8. luvsatsuki

    i only like one song by Mickey “so Rich, So Pretty”. I think he’s weird… he looks like a tranny on crack…

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