Nov 27th, 2007 // 2 Comments

mbvbullshit.jpg So it turns out that when Billboard said My Bloody Valentine were going to (ugh) “do a Radiohead” for their upcoming reunion record, the writer got a little mixed up somewhere. “In the interview with Billboard I stated that the forthcoming MBV album will more than likely be self-released,” MBV’s manager told Wired. “That does not equate to a digital only release, which the article states…In fact we see digital as a far inferior format and the band would NEVER plan to release an album exclusively in a digital format.” Well then! [Listening Post]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    I’m going to defend the Billboard writer here: Who the hell “self-releases” an album without a digital component in the year 2007 (or 2008, by the time MBV gets around to it)? Only Clap Your Hands Say Yeah have attempted a true, self-released, physical-only model in the last couple of years, and it all but killed them.

    Just saying, if I were the reporter (and I wrote a few features for Billboard some years back, so there but for the grace of god go I…) I totally would’ve heard that line from the manager and thought, “Ah, like Radiohead…”

  2. gorillavsmarykate

    “the band would NEVER plan to release an album”

    That’s what I got from that quote.

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