Wherefore Art Thou, Pitchfork?

Nov 28th, 2007 // 28 Comments

pitchfork.pngIndie fans looking for music-pirating record-buying guidance must feel lost in the online wilderness this morning, what with Pitchfork being down. The site’s front door says it’ll be back “in a bit,” but we can’t help wonder what, exactly, forced its reviews, blogs, and news to go down the Intertubes. Is it Black Kids’ fault? Did Ryan Schreiber take the site down for “retooling” after his big, sloppy, Best New Music-glossed kiss to Grizzly Bear only resulted in 4,900 SoundScans to date? Is indie rock–gasp–finally over??? (Ha, I wish!) We invite you to add your own speculation in our comments section.

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  1. The Van Buren Boys

    Server upgrades? Maybe they are going to start a comments section for all their news items and reviews, although that would possibly be the most horrifying thing to ever happen to the internet ever. Pitchfork commenters would probably make Stereogum commenters look like Rhodes Scholars.

  2. troybulldogs21

    11/28 the day the music (elitism) died

  3. MTS

    I wrote a song, called “[Best New Music]“:


  4. Bob Loblaw

    Travis Morrison, Rivers Cuomo, and one of the dudes from Jet all watched Airheads together last night, became inspired.

  5. Jfrankparnell

    Uh oh. P-fork outsources. Was there another monsoon?

  6. jt.ramsay

    So disappointing.

  7. graeffufighting

    @MTS: By any chance, does your song sound like The Pipettes?

  8. graeffufighting

    also, not to spoil the fun, but P4k is back up again.

  9. Dead Air ummm Dead Air

    I knew about Pitchfork being down way before anyone else did.

  10. MTS

    @graeffufighting: It can be set to the tune of… anything. Lo-fi indiepop, crappy faux girlgroup, metal, etc. Music is freedom, brah.

  11. SomeSound-MostlyFury

    @Dead Air ummm Dead Air: Pitchfork Being Down got way too popular way too fast. I don’t really like them anymore since they got big.

  12. loudersoft

    why do you gotta suspect black kids before anyone else?

  13. BakerStreetSaxSolo

    and then Pitchfork Being Down was dropped like a stone as if nobody cared! Talk about hype!

  14. Anonymous

    They were scrambling to post their “We Think Metal Is Also Cool” chart.
    Take that Idolator!

  15. worldsfair

    site is fine now.

    but i am glad this Idolator post went up b/c i am releived at how little Grizzly Bear sold!

  16. Sleepyhead

    4,900? That’s crazy pathetic. But it makes me feel like I’m making the right choice, tapping Fast Forward, having failed once again to make it through a Grizzly Bear video on Subterranean.

  17. loudersoft

    In response to what’s going on over at P4K, Clell Tickle is currently dangling Schreiber over a balcony demanding he sign away the rights to indie cred. More on this developing story as it unfolds.

  18. Anonymous

    Talking shit about Pitchfork because of its popularity is doing the same thing yr accusing them of.

  19. gregcoff

    @Sleepyhead: Is it really? For a between-albums EP? Of reworked songs? That’s only been out for two weeks? While the band isn’t touring?

    This is Grizzly Bear people, not Fall Out Boy. Considering the competition (I think Flying Club Cup has only sold 30k so far, and it’s an ALBUM that’s been out for two months) 5k is nothing to be ashamed of. Plus, the EP is great.

  20. brownham


    yeah, I’m glad too–I get really nervous when bands I deem lame are perceived as “big”–but nothing like seeing soundscans to knock ‘em down a few rungs.

    The feeling sort of reminds me when I discovered World’s Fair artists Colourmusic and Stardeath and the White Dwarfs have close to zero scans and fans!


  21. brownham


    yeah, I’m glad too–I get really nervous when bands I deem lame are perceived as “big”–but nothing like seeing soundscans to knock ‘em down a few rungs. The feeling sort of reminds me when I discovered World’s Fair artists Colourmusic and stardeath and the white dwarfs had close to zero scans/fans.


  22. okiedoke

    Site went back up after calling in technology consultant recommendations from Doug Morris.

  23. loudersoft

    Chuck Palahniuk and Dr. Peter Kramer have been retained in an advisory capacity to make the site more appealing to what has been referred to as “Generation Rx”. Calls to Prozac, Lortab, Ecstasy, Xanax, and Oxycontin for comment were not immediately returned.

  24. bedpan

    you read this, right???

  25. gregcoff

    @Paperboy 2000: Look Mother Theresa, I didn’t bring it up. The original Idolator post made the conjecture that 4,900 sales wasn’t that impressive, given the EP’s BNM status. The post implied that it WAS some sort of a competition, and that Grizzly Bear was doing poorly. I was merely bringing up Flying Club Cup in order to put the number in perspective and demonstrate that it’s really not a disappointing figure at all. Makes sense, really.

    But yeah, I feel yah bro, I hate it when people bring money into it. It’s like they just don’t GET it or something, right?

  26. brownham


    I fully agree. It’s annoying their soundscan got singled out anyhow, it’s a fucking EP on warp, from a not huge band, with mostly b sides and remixes, 5K for 2 weeks is great.

    and yeah, it’s largely quality as was yellow house.

    ps. sleepyhead if you think the knife video is boring check your pulse, overplayed or lame song aside, that video is insanely cool….

  27. Paperboy 2000

    @gregcoff: wow…didn’t realize it was a competition. Coulda sworn it’s just music. But yeah, I agree with you. 5k in 2 weeks does seem great for an EP that comes out while they aren’t touring.

  28. MeEducated

    Um, “wherefore” means “why”. Unless I’m missing the joke…

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