The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Contest Finds Love (And Lunch) Among The Pine Trees

Nov 28th, 2007 // 11 Comments


Yesterday, when we put out the call for entries in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year tournament, we referenced Ted Nugent’s special-edition cover for Love Grenade, calling its theme “Ladies: They’re What’s For Dinner.” Well, thanks to David Menconi, we now have a first-round opponent for the Nuge: the Chapel Hill, N.C., songwriter whose album Sharp Teeth doubles as a visual tribute to the post-coital joys of eating half-digested food. Or bloodied rope. I can’t really tell.

David Karsten Daniels [MySpace]

  1. natepatrin

    When you can actually defend Love Grenade against another album cover with the phrase “it’s only implied sexualized cannibalism”, you know you’ve got a frontrunner.

  2. Anonymous

    Wow. That looks very much like the work of Stephen Tunney, aka Dogbowl, the genius behind some of the early King Missile records.

  3. rad_matter

    On behalf of my former temporary hometown, I apologize for this cover.

  4. Anonymous

    I need a cold shower…

  5. Paperboy 2000

    Ha. I kinda like this cover in contrast to the music on that record.

    Also: I like that homegirl hasn’t shaved her legs in a few days.

  6. Anonymous

    i LOVE this cover. no where near as bad as the usual WCOTY.

  7. Clevertrousers

    It might look romantic, but I’m pretty sure that eating your lover’s raw intestines can give you the e coli.

  8. EF Matt

    Personally, I love this album cover. In case you didn’t know, it’s a painting done by Beth Tacular from the band Bowerbirds. Her art is pretty excellent.

  9. prolixrush

    Obviously this is meant to be a lesson to all the ladies. See what happens when you don’t keep those legs smooth? I’m, uh, gonna go grab my Venus…

  10. Tenno

    Fucking hippies. The meat craving got you down?

  11. stephenbush

    I just noticed there’s a really, really, really ridiculously bad cover for the new Mudvayne album/compilation thing. Here’s the Amazon link: []

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