Will Journey’s New Frontman Actually Be A Frontchick?

Nov 28th, 2007 // 9 Comments

anywayyouwantit.jpgJourney has had something of a hard time keeping its frontpeople since Steve Perry broke our hearts lo those many years ago, and the band’s last few choices have not exactly been Dangerfield-approved. But perhaps that will all change if the the band loses the Y chromosome factor by choosing Perry’s most recently rumored replacement?

There has been quite a bit of buzz saying that Japanese singer Arnel Pineda will be named the new lead singer replacing Jeff Scott Soto who replaced Steve Augeri who replaced Steve Perry…..Now there is a bit of buzz saying that Scandal leader & Mrs. John McEnroe, Patty Smyth is set to join the band. Patty has of course recorded Journey’s “Only The Young” for Scandal……….

Well, this is certainly the first we’ve heard of Smyth’s canidacy. (And here we thought Pineda was actually from the Philippines, so grain of salt regarding the reporting here.) Still, while it will be interesting to clock classic rock fanboys’ reactions if this proves true, years of karaoke have already proven that the Journey songbook belongs to both genders, and all races and creeds. Provided you can hit the notes.

Journey adds another show to tour. Who will lead them? Patty Smyth???? [Geno's World]

  1. Clevertrousers

    No mere chick will ever have as ladylike a head of hair as Steve Perry.

  2. girlhappy

    I think she’s got the pipes for it. She *is* the Warrior, after all!

    I’ve never heard Scandal’s cover of “Only the Young” – but I admit I’ve always been partial to Patty’s cover of Waits’s “Downtown Train.” And I am a Journey fan. Not a closet fan, even – just a fan.

  3. thewriteguy

    “Oh, Barry, hold on… hold on… hold on…!”

  4. Our Man In Chicago

    Hey, if she passed on becoming lead singer of Van Halen in its prime, does anybody actually think she’s going to agree to sing for Journey in its er…subprime?

  5. Jfrankparnell

    Jan Hammer! And then we could also enjoy an encore of “Lies, no more lies …”

  6. Feh Am Legend

    I always thought Melissa Etheridge did a pretty good Journey.

  7. Dorgon

    She’s a great singer, but there are a lot of gender-specific lines in Journey music. If they do the gender flip, like Tiffany’s painful “I Saw Him Standing There,” I would plotz.

  8. Anonymous

    hey guys- I actually work with patty smyth & scandal as a tech, they have started doing scattered shows ever since the vh1 “bands reunited” thing. hate to say it, but this is a vicious rumor. just wanted to let you know the deal! scandal is actually planning on doing a bunch more shows next year & even recorded a new song which is pretty rockin! fyi…

  9. BigViper

    doesnt seem too far fetched after all she almost replaced hagar as Van Halens Front er uh… person

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