The Ghost Town DJs Wax Their Jeep, Bikini Lines

Nov 29th, 2007 // 3 Comments

During my mid-to-late ’90s teenpop/R&B rampage yesterday, a commenter requested we post up Ghost Town DJs 1996 prom smash “My Boo,” and you don’t need to twist our thongs to show some love to the greatest one-hit booty bass slow jam of the decade. Everyone looks so happy in this video as they horse around the pool and wash their jeeps and let the 808 gently boom. It’s like the hazy days of the Fresh Prince’s “Summertime,” except with more prominent jiggling butt action and Jermaine Dupri as a pint-sized lifeguard.

Ghost Town DJs – “My Boo” [YouTube]

  1. silkyjumbo

    My Boo will never die. It’s still being played on the semi-regular on radio stations, and I just saw Daedalus use it in his set a couple of weeks ago.

  2. bg5000

    @silkyjumbo: I hope it never does. I love the shit out of this song.

  3. baconfat

    Jermaine Durpi wants you to listen to the whole album, not just the single.

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