Tay Zonday Is No Longer Something Kinda Polemic

Nov 29th, 2007 // 8 Comments

What more is there to say about the froggy-voiced “Chocolate Rain” singer Tay Zonday, except that his 9/11 tribute from a few days ago was probably inevitable? Well, here are a few selections from the 3,616 (and counting!) YouTube user comments on his Dr Pepper-shilling remix of “Rain,” which was IMed to me by no fewer than eight people on my buddy list this morning:

Wasn’t this song supposed to be something kinda polemic, in the beginning? And now it’s sold as a commercial thing? Hah, what a joke. The part with the stepping away from the mic made me laugh, though.

To all you cats that are hating on Tay, what the hell are you doing but sitting on your fat asses making fun of him. At least he is doing something he likes, all you can do is try to bring him down. So until you can come up with something STFU cuz you aren’t about SHIT. Give the man his respect for trying to do something. Hell he is a lot better than William Hong.

i love it! my cousins that i haven’t seen in like 4 years came to my house for thanksgiving…and randomly i just said ‘chocolate rain….ohio’s agriculture is based on grains’ because i live in ohio…and they started singing the song with me! see! tay brings people together!!!!!!!!!

Keep doing your thing, Tay. Take note that most of those who criticize can barely communicate intelligibly. You’re creative and gutsy. Sell out? I don’t think so. “Do what you love and the money will come.” That’s not selling out, that’s enjoying the gifts you were given. Blessings to you.

[-] Tay sold out
[-] Song is kinda shitty
[+] Kick-ass rap breakdown
[+] Chocolate bukkake

Ah, chocolate bukkake–now there‘s a phrase that will light up the YouTubes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really scan as well as “chocolate rain” does, but we’re sure that the ever-enterprising Zonday will make it all work out in his favor, thus extending his still-ticking 15 minutes by at least a millisecond or two.

“Cherry Chocolate Rain” Original Song by Tay Zonday [YouTube]

  1. Ted Striker

    I’m still waiting for the revelation that he’s really Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords.

  2. Felonious Monk

    Man…what the fuck was that?

    I think I kind of love it though. Tay is the most hilariously unbelievable ladies’ man this side of T-Pain.

  3. OingoBobo

    He’s still a young man, so he’s afforded mistakes I suppose.
    However, people probably didn’t catch his Jimmy Kimmel Live Halloween appearance, where he performed “Chocolate Reindeer”. Trues.

  4. rad_matter

    This guy is becoming the Tag Team of YouTube. I’m guessing his next song is “Chocolate Kwanzaa” or something.

  5. jus10j

    So it’s a commercial…but I’m not sure what for…Dr. Pepper? Tay Zonday? Mister Johnson (whoever he is)? Or, sadly, it’s probably all three. I’m not pointing at selling out. Nope; this is shark-jumping.

  6. westartedthis

    when is ronald jenkees gonna sell some beats to tay?

  7. KinetiQ

    The anonymous remix was way better, and featured better rap breaks. Plus it gave shout-outs to /b/, /s/, pedobear, and included at least two “pool’s closed”s.

  8. TheMojoPin

    If William Hung and James Earl Jones had a baby, it would be Tay.

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