R. Kelly: Still An Incorrigible Perv?

Nov 29th, 2007 // 6 Comments

kells.jpgSo when Regina Daniels, R. Kelly’s publicist, quit earlier this month after 14 years of hard work keeping Kelly’s name in the press for reasons other than being a damn weirdo, or at least putting the positive spin on his weirdness, we wondered if it had anything to do with rumors that Kelly had suggested to Daniels that maybe she could, you know, fib on the stand at Kelly’s upcoming child porn trial. But now the blogmill is drooling over an unsubstantiated (but sadly believable) rumor that Kelly played grab-ass (or more) with Daniels’ daughter.

Well, people assumed that Kellz hit or hit on Regina, but that’s not the new word. The real Regina and George Daniels quit working with R. Kelly is because he allegedly slept with their daughter. From what I have been told is she’s 19 years old, but she is basically like family. Yeester says Kellz has known her since was about four so, IF something like this happened, its not a good look for la familia.

From what I understand, the source on this is ROCK SOLID (the all caps was there for emphasis) and can stand up! Now, lets not confuse things, there is no illegal activity being charged here – just a violation of a different sort.

Thank god this rumor is ROCK SOLID, because you know how hard it would be for people to otherwise believe that Robert Sylvester Kelly is some kind of sex fiend with a taste for younger women. Neither Kelly’s or Daniels’ camps have responded to the rumors yet, but there’s only so long you can ignore people posting in all-caps on the Internet.

The Real Reason R. Kelly Fell Out With Regina And George Daniels? [AllHip-Hop]

  1. loudersoft

    There was this whale of a house party I went to where the music was totally bumping, lots of pretty people getting down, everyone was having a great time and there was no drama.

    Then, the DJ put on an R. Kelly song. Within a minute, the dancefloor had cleared, a fight broke out ending in the house owner’s car windshield being smashed in by a flying body, and almost on cue, the cops came to shut the party down.

    Not sure what this has to do with the subject but R. Kelly is clearly bad news.

  2. Anonymous

    Tell me again why Ne-o’s “excommunication” from the tour is a bad thing?

    And Usher must be so happy it was a boy.

  3. Bob Loblaw

    @loudersoft: That sounds exactly like Lester
    Bangs’ description of the party where he played “Berlin” for everybody
    for the first time (sans flying body and smashed windshield).

  4. Jfrankparnell

    She was nineteen? Wow – he waited a year.

  5. loudersoft

    @Bob Loblaw: that’s as close to being Lester Bangs as I’ll ever be, so i’m going to enjoy the sting of coincidence for a while

  6. worldsfair

    R. Kelly gets older, but the girls stay the same age…

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