Hip-Hop: Now “Illegal” In Iran

Nov 29th, 2007 // 7 Comments

50.jpgCongress may be fretting over Iran’s nuclear capabilities and its ability to put a stranglehold on the international oil market, and Iran doesn’t have much love for the U.S. either what with our economic sanctions and Great Satanism and the like. But at least our estranged governments share some common ground when it comes to hating on the rap music. But while Iran also feels that rappers, whether homegrown or American-born like “U.S. rapper ’50 Cents,’” are contaminating young minds with “obscene” lyrics and “decadent” values, the country has gone a step further than Bobby Rush and crew and just banned hip-hop entirely. And Iranian rappers need to watch their back because the government is coming to get you.

“In coordination with the police, illegal studios producing this type of music will be sealed and the singers in this genre will be confronted,” he said.

Dashtgoli said a large number of illegal rap singers have been already identified.

The Islamic republic’s hardline officials have repeatedly complained about a “cultural invasion” by “decadent” western music which they believe diminishes Islamic values.

The culture ministry official expressed his frustration that rap artists were finding low-cost ways to publish their music on the Internet. “We should find a solution for this.”

We told you the democratic/D.I.Y. potential of the Internet was trouble. As with most conservative/repressive regimes, especially in a country where you need the goverment’s OK to hold any sort of concert or release your music for public consumption, hip-hop has flourished in Iran’s countercultural underground, but with the country “currently in the midst of its most severe moral crackdown in years, which has seen thousands of women warned for slack dressing, several bootleg music stores shut and “decadent” mixed-sex parties raided,” it’s unlikely that rap will earn the necessary nod from the ministry of culture any time soon. But hey, they’re that much closer to approving that Chris de Burgh concerrt!

Iran Cracks Down On “Obscene” Rap Music [AFP]

  1. Mathray

    Good. Now remember kiddies, the “C in (c)rap is silent…

  2. janine

    Ha, ha, ha! I remember when I first heard that joke on morning radio in the 80s. Cut. It. Out!

  3. FionaScrapple

    Another reason NOT to invade Iran.

  4. Mick Kraut

    Would it have been too much to ask the Iranian underground kiddies to just form hair metal bands like the did in Russia?

    Can someone send a copy of GORKY PARK’s record to Tehran?

  5. katie_a_princess

    in other news, iran bans fun

  6. Tenno

    You know, I really like the idea of Techno Animal, Merzbow, Alec Empire and Melt Banana joining forces with Curse of the Golden Vampire and showing Iran just how weird and subversive music really gets…. and some of the craziness is from the East baby!

  7. Tenno

    Oh and the B-52′s would have to be deployed as the cover of course, opening songs should be spunky and wild.

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